For technology to be defended
it must be articulated

Prometheus is tortured for bringing fire, pyrotechnics, down from heaven.

Icarus is punished for inventing human flight.

Adam and Eve are “cast out” from the Garden of Eden and convicted with “original sin” for all generations to come, for the crime of tasting of the tree of knowledge.

There is a deep schism between the intellectuals of morality and the intellectuals of technology.

Today this is manifested in the division between the tech departments of academia and the humanities.

The humanities departments operate as a new clergy. They argue the moral cases of society. They discuss the very central issues to humans and to our life in this world, and they use modern technology such as statistics and technical studies to make their case. The technical basis lends them the prestige of science, which has been so obviously successful at producing solutions. Unfortunately, their philosophical sub-basement still contains the cobwebs, carcasses and echoes of their ancient religious catacombs.

The philosophical basis of the modern humanitarian clerics has crawled straight out of the swamps of pre-civilized early man, and taken residence in the halls of the academy.