For technology to be defended
it must be articulated

Adrian 10:22 PM: so that link you’ve just posted 10:22: i’ve ha a read through 10:22: how is what you’re suggesting not just exam cramming ? 10:22: i mean, you’re suggesting testing as a primary organiser of your study 10:23: i’ve looked at your progress on my site on the courses for the exams you’ve passed and you’ve watched almost nothing relatively speaking 10:23: so im just really confused what the aim with this article is 10:23: it doesn’t really explain anytihng about your process 10:23: beyond, you do tests 10:23: what am i missing ? 10:26: i love learning about techniques, but im trying to find in that article what your overarching method is 10:26: you state the name you’ve given it, but dont really explain t 10:26: it*


First, thank you for your valid and 100% accurate assessment. Everything you’ve said provides me with a very valuable correction. I’m seeing my article from another angle now, and it lacks a primary component I intended to include from the beginning. I naively set a word count target and subtly confused that with a measure of completeness.

Second, I found your training late in my learning process and have had to take on some new learning before I can return to that for better coverage.

I meant to correct my article before responding to you. Still, after adjusting the outline while considering your observations, the article’s length might double, so it will take a little longer.

Thank you once again for your quick and insightful assessment.